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Welcome to Bitter Ashes!
We are an experienced Horde guild that has just transfered to the Garrosh realm of World of Warcraft.  We are a casual raiding guild, that... hey, actually raids!  We have a dedicated hard working staff of officers and leadership, as well as a tough as nails and powerful group of raiding members that is ever expanding.
Our goal is to progress through end-game content.  We are pushing through the Lich King content and eagerly awaiting any new progression content that Blizzard offers us.

If you are level 80 and dedicated to seeing all that WoW has to offer then Bitter Ashes is the place for you!!
If this has not conviced you read this...posted on the Dalaran realm forums:

Still not convinced Bitter Ashes is the guild for you? Please read my testimonial before you make your decision.

During the Tet Offensive I was stationed in Da Nang with force recon and we were on patrol looking for charlie when a grenade landed near us. Bitter Ashes threw himself on top of that grenade and saved my life. He took some shrapnel and lost his left nut but he lived to save my life a few more times after that.

After we got back to the world I found myself broke, homeless and addicted to Night Train. Bitter Ashes gave me some money to get back on my feet and helped me find some work down at the old bowling alley cleaning the rental shoes. It wasn't much but it helped me get over the hump and now I'm the shoe cleaning supervisor down at the old bowling alley. Nowadays on the weekends Bitter Ashes volunteers down at the old blind parapalegic children's hospital and reads to blind parapalegic kids.

Still not convinced? Did you know that Bitter Ashes can run a 4 minute mile and bench press over 300 pounds? That's right. 300 pounds. Think Bitter Ashes may be strong but not so smart? Think again. Bitter Ashes is also the treasurer for the local MENSA chapter. In 1997 Bitter Ashes set a state record for the both the largest and heaviest pumpkin down at the old state fair. As if all that wasn't amazing enough Bitter Ashes holds over 200 patents and has a law degree from Harvard.

Join Bitter Ashes. It will change your life

--Cosmicyoda of Night Haven on Dalaran Server

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